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The holy river Ganga passes wide and deep through Bihar enriching many plains before entering the Bengal state of India. Bihar is well located right before one enters the enchanting hills of the North East. Home to the most revered Buddhist sites of India, the Buddhist circuit begins in the capital city, Patna, where a collection of Hindu and Buddhist sculptures have been well preserved in a noteworthy museum. After attaining enlightenment under the Mahabodhi tree in Bodhgaya, Buddha spent five ears at Rajgir where many of the remains commemorate various incidents related to his life. And the hill of the Gridhrakuta being perhaps the most important, as this is where the Buddha delivered most of his sermons. The state of Bihar also bears a testimony to the rise and fall of some of India's major dynasties - the Mauryas, the Guptas and the Palas. Between 5th to 11th century, the world's earliest university, Nalanda, flourished here and its ruins now have become a major tourist attraction. As you visit the sites, you will get closer to the association of Buddhism with Bihar. The heartwarming cultures and traditions are also the element to be enjoyed during the trip.

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