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Today, Bhutan, the land of the Thunder Dragon, is one of the most highly acclaimed travel destinations in the world. To the discerning international traveler, Bhutan has become an exotic and enticing final frontier. Bhutan’s present travel status comes as no surprise given that this tiny kingdom, the size of Switzerland, was sequestered from the world for centuries. ITM Holidays are very popular, and have much to offer with updated trekking, travel and tour packages to fully experience Bhutan. Bhutan has a lot to offer to the world. Most of our regions are unexplored. Rich and pristine forests with an abundance of bird and animal lives make Bhutan a paradise for nature lovers. Zealously guarded national identity, rich tradition, and culture, unique dress codes and language make Bhutan a unique country in Asia. Towering Dzongs or fortresses, farmhouses and wooden bridges are the epitome of rich ancient art and architecture. Buddhist principles of compassion, non-violence, the law of Karma and peaceful co-existence forms the basis of our action and thinking. Gross National Happiness, a concept that advocates happiness rather than material wealth is a foundation stone for plan and policies. Travel to Bhutan to experience all this and more and meet the friendly and tradition-bound Bhutanese. Travel to Bhutan is still regulated through a policy of high-value tourism. Bhutan travel is one of high quality and truly an enriching experience. Bhutan tours are something everyone should experience at least once in their lives, and many of our clients have also come back. The door to this mythical Buddhist kingdom was opened only three decades ago. Come see, before it changes.

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